About Melt Me Ltd

My name is Antiounette

During the height of the uk lockdown. It was a really difficult time and like everyone else felt so uncertain about everything.

So we decided to throw ourselved into a new adventure, we started making hand poured wax melts.

We struggled to find any candles and wax melts as most stores was closed. My love of going into thr stores and smelling different scented candles was slowly restrcted during lockdown.

When we did purchase via supermarkets /ordered online we found that most lost all their scent after the first burn, this was becoming expensive to keep our home smelling nice considering we was going to be at home for a long period of time.

After some research we began making our own wax melts. We wanted to make a product that was made with natural material, nice colours to go with each room and scented more than just one room for a long period of time.

We began to trial out a few at home, then progressed by giving some to my family / friends & neighbours.

A few years on we have extended our product line now making natural products for both the Home & Car to help each customer

'Melt Into Perfcet Harmony'

Melt Me Ltd has gone from strength to strength over the last 2 years and forever gratful to all our customers for the support.

A huge turning point for Melt Me Ltd was showcasing our products at the Cake & Bake show at the Exel Exhibition last year October.